Sexy Bedhead: the Ultimate Toolkit

How to get the perfect bedhead hairThe perfectly rumpled undone hair that you see on Kate Moss in almost every editorial is supposed to look the opposite of deliberate, and maybe it is for her. She is Kate Moss after all. In my experience, it takes a little cheating. My just-woke-up hair says something more like ‘raised by wolves’ and less like ‘this is my three day old triple digit blowout’.

With a little help from some products, I can sort it out. I’ve been doing this look a lot lately and had some requests on a tutorial on Instagram. So, here are a few suggestions that I love to achieve that big sexy bedhead look!

How to get the perfect bedhead hair

How to get the perfect bedhead hair

1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray If you have the cash to spare, this is the ticket to perfectly gorgeous messy undone hair every time. It builds crazy texture and insane volume. A little goes a long way, I spray at the roots and a little through the length of my hair. I bought my first can a month ago and went ahead and ordered two back-up cans because I would be lost without this.

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Second day hair is the best hair. Even if you’re on your first day and need to cheat, this will get you there. It won’t break the bank and gives instant volume and texture!

3. Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion Big hair is better hair, and this stuff will make your ponytail FAT. The formula contains rayon particles that attach to the hair shaft to thicken it. It’s a miracle product for me, I use a dime sized amount and roughly blow-dry it through my hair for half a minute and then air-dry the rest of the way.

4. Spornette Big Wonder Back combing is the secret to Bardot height. The Big Wonder is a large teasing comb designed just for this. It’s cheap, too. Back comb at the crown and a bit at the ends for big hair that is a little messy.

5. Elnett Hair Spray I go a few days between washes, and usually when I am heading out the door I spritz a little Elnett on to hold the shape. After a day or so it really helps the hair memorize shape and gives that good ‘dirty’ texture.

6. Jumbo Rollers (hot, steam, or velcro) You don’t want a ‘curl’ with this style, just bend and volume. Pop a few jumbo rollers in at your crown, directed away from your face. I do a few random ones on the side as well. If you don’t use them, try them, you’ll be addicted. It is definitely all about the rollers.

7. Sachajuan Ocean Mist This is by far the best sea spray out there. I mist some on for texture and then mess up my hair with my hands. It’s great for prepping hair for a texturized updo as well.

8. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo My favorite dry shampoo. Not only does it prolong your style, but it gives it a lived-in feel and look too. The lemony scent is nice too.

9. Kevin Murphy Powder Puff I love to shake a little of this in at the roots when I want enormous hair. The texture is a little funny. It is activated when you manipulate the hair with your fingers. So shake, muss, and presto, you have big hair.

How to get the perfect bedhead hair