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DIY Diorama Bookends


My sister Carol was so inspired by Anthropologie's creative wood block bookends that she used her DIY talent to create her own version. Didn't they turn out great? Follow along for her instructions!

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Above: Anthropologie's original version


– Two 8x4x4 wood blocks, can be any type of wood. We used cedar, which were 50 cents a piece. You can ask your local home depot or lowes to cut the wood to size in the store.
– Belt sander or sand paper
– Wood stain, in any color you’d like. We used a dark chestnut color.
– Polyurethane (Glossy)
– Two cheap paint brushes. Don’t use your nice paint brushes, the stain and polyurethane are nearly impossible to wash out.
– Diorama grass sheet *
– Diorama grass and loose powder form
– Diorama shrubbery
– Diorama trees, we used three different types
– Diorama rocks (alternatively, you can use small rocks from your garden)
– Diorama setting spray
– Tacky glue, no hot glue gun needed
– Scissors

*All diorama products available in the diorama section of your local crafts store.

1. Smooth the edges of the wood blocks with either the belt sander or the sand paper. Try to get the wood as smooth as possible, as it will make the stain application much easier.
2. Stain the wood according to manufacturer’s directions.
3. Apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane. Allow wood blocks to dry overnight.
4. Cut squares out of the grass sheet approximately ⅛ of an inch smaller  than the top of the wood. Glue these squares onto the wood, allow to dry.
5. Place glue along the areas where the grass square does not meet, and cover with the loose grass. Don’t worry about the white glue showing through the grass, it all dries clear!
6. Make small mounds of glue on top of the grass sheet and cover with loose grass. This will give the grass a more realistic appearance. Set with diorama setting spray.
7. Attach trees to their bases. Cover the tops of the bases with glue and sprinkle with loose grass. Allow to dry.
8. Place glue on the bottoms of tree bases, glue onto tops of wood. Pat down the glue along the edges of the bases to create a seamless transition from grass to tree base. Apply more loose grass as needed. Set with diorama spray.
9. Glue on shrubbery by placing glue on top of grass and placing shrubs where desired. The same process can be used to place rocks. Set with diorama spray!
10. Let dry and touch up grass where need, and you’re done!