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Fall Wardrobe Hero: A Neutral Coat

I am in complete autumn wardrobe mode already. It was 60 degrees this morning, which feels like the arctic tundra compared to our summer. I have been dreaming about cold weather outfits for weeks, so much so that I have already purchased my winter coat for the year. When I saw this Mara Hoffman coat on Shopbop I knew it would be selling out quickly so I made my move. I am very happy to make a purchase from a brand that advocates and practices ethical production and environmental sustainability in their clothes. You can listen to this great podcast talking with Mara about the evolution of her production practices. These past few weeks of natural disasters have me terrified about climate change and thinking about the changes I can make to be a more conscious consumer. Mara Hoffman is setting an amazing example for other brands right now, I hope we see more brands take a cue from her to integrate more sustainable practices in the near future.

I am so in love with my coat, it is definitely a piece I will wear for many years to come. It reminds me of a sweater coat my mom has. Its a cable knit grey cocoon cardigan by MaxMara and she’s had it for probably 12 years. My mom is always lending this sweater to my sister, or me, or our friends. We never know where it is but it always returns home. I remember being out at a bar one night and seeing the familiar grey sweater draped over someones shoulders from behind. I tapped their shoulder and it was one of my sister’s best friends and I laughed. It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweater! You’ve seen this sweater on Sea of Shoes a dozen times if you are a longtime reader, it is endlessly versatile. I can think of a few outfits I’ve posted with it off the top of my head. When I think about investing in a coat, I want to have the same kind of relationship with it that I have with the Traveling MaxMara sweater. That to me is what an investment piece should do for your wardrobe.

The ideal winter coat will elevate all of your outfits. Even when you’re just throwing on some baggy jeans and a tee and sneakers to run to the store. It should keep you warm on airplanes and look good with everything you’ve packed in your suitcase when you travel. I feel like my Mara Hoffman coat ticks all of these boxes for me. The pale sand color of it feels extremely luxurious. The dropped shoulders and longline notched shawl collar make it incredibly modern, which is something my largely vintage wardrobe needs! I am so pleased with my coat, I think it has exceeded my expectations. We are traveling a lot next year and I know it will be my wardrobe hero for our many trips. It is definitely coming with me on our honeymoon in Tokyo!


First outfit shown I am wearing my Mara Hoffman coat with Cinq a Sept sweater, men’s button down, AG jeans stilt roll-up jeans, and Golden Goose boots.

Second outfit I am wearing the Mara coat with vintage Perry Ellis culottes, vintage Gucci bag, and Golden Goose sneakers.

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  1. Magda wrote:

    Love oversize coats, great look!


    9.8.17 · Reply
  2. Sara wrote:

    I love that you’ve always been into recycled clothes. And I love that this posted about purchasing from a sustainable brand doesn’t seem like a marketing ploy as a result!

    9.8.17 · Reply
  3. you’ve got the essentials down!

    9.9.17 · Reply
  4. Nicolette wrote:

    I feel like coats are such a key item in our wardrobes that, unless we have money to burn, they need to be a neutral. With a neutral color we can do anything we want and rarely have to worry about it clashing. I’m in need of a new one too, so I’ll keep yours in mind!

    Nicolette | http://www.nicolette.co

    9.9.17 · Reply
  5. A little back to school outfit or cool at work ;) Anyway … two great outfits in neutral colors ;)


    9.9.17 · Reply

    9.9.17 · Reply
  7. Fatou Diaw wrote:

    This is so cool

    9.9.17 · Reply
  8. Michaela wrote:

    It’s a lovely coat, but would never pass in the Minnesota winters I have to endure. This kind of garment would probably take me into early November and it would cease to be warm enough.

    How cold do winters get in your area?

    9.9.17 · Reply
  9. 9.9.17 · Reply
  10. This coat is perfection, love the color! x


    9.9.17 · Reply
  11. Maru Conti wrote:

    That coat is amazing!


    9.9.17 · Reply
  12. Love your suggestions, but the one you’re wearing is actually perfect!

    Mary | O Blog da Mary

    9.10.17 · Reply
  13. So beautiful!

    9.10.17 · Reply
  14. I like the way she looks even though she wears different kinds of shoes she still looks amazing. You should always know when is the right time to wear that shoes and be comfortable in wearing those.

    9.11.17 · Reply
  15. Gabby wrote:

    I LOVE this type of coat! And I really like how you paired it with a collared shirt + sweater. Very cute!

    9.11.17 · Reply
  16. sara wrote:

    a lil bit male’s inspired, woooow


    9.11.17 · Reply
  17. Jandrew wrote:

    I love ❤️ this coat . So classic and versatile , great color ,the warm neutral beige looks wonderful with the black and grey ! ! A winter coat can be an investment.
    Dress The Part

    9.12.17 · Reply
  18. Alexandra wrote:

    Such a lovely outfit :)

    Ferbena.com || How to Style Sheer Maxi Dress Outfit

    9.12.17 · Reply
  19. I love all outfit but my favorite its the first because i love this boots
    New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/2017/09/nyfw-day-1.html

    9.14.17 · Reply
  20. Victoria wrote:

    You look just too cute in this!!
    I have already switched to autumn mode as well, as London got quite chilly.
    Rocking those cute winter jumpers! haha

    Victoria xx
    Insta: @victress_ldn

    9.14.17 · Reply
  21. Lynna wrote:

    Love your coat outfit<3
    It looks super fashionable! xx


    9.15.17 · Reply
  22. Lin Anne wrote:

    Its really a great combination. I love the shoes.

    9.16.17 · Reply
  23. This coat is so beautiful, I love the oversized sleeves!


    9.16.17 · Reply
  24. Love ahh those oversize coats

    9.16.17 · Reply
  25. Lona wrote:

    Wow nice coats , love it.

    9.21.17 · Reply
  26. Stunning! Love this coat.

    9.22.17 · Reply
  27. sophia wrote:

    Love the 1st look so much, it’s comfy and effortlessly beautiful <3

    xoxo, All about hats

    10.23.17 · Reply
  28. Alexa Tsay wrote:

    absolutely love this minimal winter look. can’t wait to see more!:)


    1.6.18 · Reply