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Back from Tokyo

Hello everyone! We are back from our honeymoon in Tokyo and so glad to be home. It was a really special trip. We stayed in a super cute AirBnB in Nakemeguro and explored the city for six days. It was a pretty laid back trip, despite fighting off typhoon wind and rain some days. Jeff had never been to Japan and that was a really magical discovering it together. My mom used to live there so I had gone several times as a teenager and it made me feel really nostalgic being back. I had been saving up a Tokyo clothing fund all year but I didn’t actually end up buying as much as I thought I would. We were too busy soaking up the sights and sounds. I really only came away with some gifts for friends, some skincare, and some shoes and a bag from an amazing A.P.C. discount store near our AirBnb. I am wearing the shoes and bag in the above photos. I am quite happy with my purchases. I still wear my clothes I bought from Tokyo so many years ago, these will always remind me of our honeymoon now!

These shoes are a collaboration between A.P.C. and Tango Leike that I found in the discount store. I had never heard of Tango Leike before but after purchasing this pair and seeing the gorgeous selection on Yoox, I might have to buy another. I really love these shoes because they seem a bit removed from time. It’s not an especially fashion-forward shoe, but it looks feminine and flattering with everything. Retro and beautiful. I think they are proper tango dancing shoes (not that I would know anything about that). But just check out these gorgeous silver and black t-strap heels from them. What could be prettier? They’re also really a good buy at around $100. I love a good new find like that!

I’ve mentioned recently that I was thinking about finally buying an A.P.C. bag and I finally did on our honeymoon. As crazy as my style can be sometimes, a classic bag suits me well. I love the structured shape of this particular bag. I’m very impressed with the functionality of this bag, it has a lot of handy pockets hidden inside so I’m not digging around for my phone like some kind of bag lady all the time.

The dress I am wearing here is an Alice & Olivia dress I found on a clearance rack at Neiman Marcus this spring. Isn’t it such a great take on a 40s dress? It has been languishing in my closet and this is only my second time to wear it. Notice how perfectly my shoes match? I may wear it much more now that I’ve found it the perfect shoe match. I paired it with green fishnet tights from ASOS just for kicks.

I’ll be updating with some wedding photos soon. What a night that was! Jeff and I are so happy. We are both so touched by the sweet readers who have reached out to send us well wishes. Thank you guys so much, I know some of you have been following for over ten years and it means the world to me that you are still here at this pivotal point in my life. I feel so lucky.

Dress by Alice & Olivia (no longer available, but Red Valentino is a good bet if you want a similar style),Tango Leike shoes, green fishnet tights from ASOS, and A.P.C. bag. Earrings are vintage!

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  1. Briana wrote:

    What a great outfit, I hope you had a fun trip!


    11.7.17 · Reply
  2. Naty Diaw wrote:

    welcome back! congrats on your wedding

    11.7.17 · Reply
  3. Vava wrote:

    So glad you had a fun honeymoon!!! I’ve been a long-time follower and always enjoy reading your posts. Welcome home!

    11.7.17 · Reply
  4. Such a beautiful outfit and place <3


    11.7.17 · Reply
  5. Ariel wrote:

    That dress is precious. I just found one in a size 4 on Ebay, but not my size (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Alice-Olivia-Carie-Belted-Velvet-Bow-Tie-Collar-Rose-Shirt-Dress-Sz-4-395/302493214423?hash=item466e0026d7:g:0-4AAOSwNd9Z09bY). Glad you had a lovely honeymoon trip!

    11.7.17 · Reply
  6. Kathrin wrote:

    Love the green fishnets with the pink dress…so unusual yet pretty.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    11.7.17 · Reply
  7. DEMELER wrote:

    love the tights!

    11.7.17 · Reply
  8. Magda wrote:

    Sounds like yoi had a great time in Tokyo. Love your dress!


    11.7.17 · Reply
  9. Marjorie wrote:

    These Green fishnet tights are amazing. Love all the look!


    11.8.17 · Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I agree they kind of make the outfit for me! Love

      11.8.17 · Reply
  10. Ray wrote:
    11.8.17 · Reply
  11. So happy to hear you had a nice honeymoon trip, Jane!
    Congratulations again :)
    Love you are still doing your Blog and I’m definitely one of the +10 years people who follow you ever since.

    Big hugs!

    11.8.17 · Reply
  12. Love the fun fish net stockings. They are such a fun, creative way to add a pop of color. Love this.
    xo, Meghan | http://tanlinesanddaisies.com/

    11.8.17 · Reply
  13. Laura wrote:

    I’ve been following since 2008. It’s so exciting to see your style continue to evolve and grow. I’ve found it inspiring for almost ten years! It’s gratifying to see you reach a point of such happiness, really standing in your truth and womanhood. Go, you!

    11.8.17 · Reply
  14. Jandrew wrote:

    Darling it’s hood to have you back ! I love the Vintage/Retro look of this dress . The cut it The skirt is brilliant!
    Dress The Part

    11.8.17 · Reply
  15. Sharon B. wrote:

    Hi, longtime reader here. Thank you for all the posts and congratulations!

    11.8.17 · Reply
  16. IRINA wrote:

    Amazing outfit! Lovely colors and great photo!

    11.11.17 · Reply
  17. sophia wrote:

    Such a sweet and vintage look <3

    xoxo, Sophia

    11.11.17 · Reply
  18. Olivia B wrote:

    Looking so cute and sexy! Love the look: green fishnet is such an interesting twist!
    xoxo, Olivia

    11.12.17 · Reply
  19. Firda Ma'ruf wrote:

    Jane, congratulation on the wedding, I wish both of you nothing but happiness at this new point in your life. It feels like just yesterday I read your blog when you posted the shoes-styling battle with your mom and now I’m reading about your honeymoon! Thank you for sharing every bit of your happy moments with us. Hope you won’t stop posting <3

    11.15.17 · Reply
  20. Jacqueline wrote:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Love it.


    11.16.17 · Reply
  21. I love your blog even if I do not come everyday. But I love the way you dress. It’s always chic… Nice style

    11.19.17 · Reply
  22. Bec wrote:

    Tokyo is so creatively inspirational. I hope you liked it?

    12.16.17 · Reply
  23. lin wrote:

    Love how you mix fishnet socks with that vintage dress <3

    xoxo, https://bestwallet2015.com/

    12.23.17 · Reply
  24. Andrina wrote:

    It’s so wild that I’ve been following you since high school (eek! 10 Years?!) and it just dawned today that we are only a few months apart in age! It’s so neat to grow up with a blogger and see how your life has evolved beautifully. Cheers to your new chapter as a wifey :)

    2.3.18 · Reply